Operating Room: Maintaining the Quality of Air & Water in Healthcare Facilities


Air and water. Necessities of life. We take them for granted, barely noticing either until something goes wrong.

Healthcare facilities possess potential for these life-giving properties to turn into life-taking properties…air is a source of epidemic respiratory infections.

A breath of fresh air

Air and waterborne diseases prompt healthcare systems to seek better, more effective ways of eliminating or containing problems and protecting patients from harm. Environmental controls are a large part of the solutions.

Beth Krah, Owner and CEO,  activTek Health Solutions, cited a basic tenant touted by Florence Nightingale, who said, “The very first canon of nursing i to keep the air he breathes as pure as the external air, without chilling him.” Krah states that much education on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is needed as airborne transmission of bacteria, viruses, mold spores and VOC’s affect the patient’s ability to heal properly.


Full Article – https://www.hpnonline.com/surgical-critical-care/article/21114364/go-with-the-flow 

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