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Actively protect your breathing space and all surfaces consistently – without introducing more carcinogens into your environment.


Ambulances: ActivePure works 24/7 to attack pathogens and odors instantly and can be installed within minutes – no need to shut down the truck for treatments. With a kill rate of up to a 99.9%, ActivePure is perfectly safe to breathe. Most ambulances are outfitted with the AP5 BOE, it is easily installed within minutes and can be added to new builds, retro-fits and remounts as well as in-service ambulances. Also available is the Induct 500, perfect for a hidden option inside the air handler. Ask your ambulance manufacturer about either product or give us a call at 770-354-8948, and we’ll get you set up.


Living Quarters: Toxic smoke and fire debris live long after the fire has been extinguished, and recent studies show stations have moderate to heavy amounts of bacteria (incl. Staph) throughout the station, especially within the fabric of couches and chairs. ActivePure works its way in and throughout those fabrics to help decontaminate and deodorize turnout gear, boots and seating. Help reduce the spread of contaminants in sleeping quarters and showers by keeping them healthy and odor free. Test results show consistent results of decreasing absenteeism by over 75%. Greatly increases ROI due to reduced sick days. Don’t take work related carcinogens back home to the family, get rid of them before they follow you home.


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