Attention all AP5 owners...
We now have a label to put on all AP5's that are installed in ambulances. Let us know if you have not received
a label yet, and we'll send one out to you. Make sure that no disinfectants, etc. are sprayed on or inside the
AP5 as it will void the warranty.
Don't forget to change out the RCI cell annually. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks! Beth

AP5 Warning Label copy


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A New Strategy in the Fight Against Infection & Odors

ActivePure Technology - Aggressive Continuous Air Decontamination - Against Contaminants and Odors    

The breathing space between you and your patient cannot always travel through filters first. Treat the space where contaminants first appear and take care of particles under .003 microns. Your lungs have more important things to do .

                         No Filters - Low Maintenance - No Down Time - No Chemicals

Clinically proven to dramatically reduce contaminants on contact - including MRSA, Strep & Viruses

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In The News

Check out our coverage in EMS Pro Magazine and EMS World. The AP5 BOE, a self-contained unit with a fan built in, is perfect for outfitting in-service ambulances and vehicles without ducted air handlers. Our Induct product line is now being installed in fire station sleeping/living quarters to help reduce the spread of infection among personnel and, in turn, their families.

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