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How it Works

ActivPure RCI Cell

The ActivePure® Cell

ActivePure technology utilizes shortwave UV light to illuminate a “target” surface. The target is a honeycomb matrix treated with a proprietary photocatalytic coating consisting of Titanium Dioxide and a few transition metals to enhance the overall catalytic effect.

How it Works


We have both in-duct and portable products to suit any environment.




What Our Partners Say

"Mercy EMS began using activTek Health Solutions years ago. Our new and remounted ambulance specs were updated to include installation of the AP5 device. We made this decision following the testing by our Infection Control dept. of the patient compartment and the various equipment. It was obvious based on that testing that we could improve and the AP5 was a quick and achievable solution. We realized immediate improvement in our ambulances with the technology installed. The AP5 works quickly and is appreciated by our co-workers who feel better about the working environment in our ambulances. I would recommend Beth Krah and her team to an EMS agency considering improvement methods for their ambulances as it relates to infection control."

Bob Patterson, Executive Director
MERCY EMS - Springfield

"Beth is awesome, is always willing to work with and support her customers. We have been using ActivePure Technology in our ambulances since 2013, and are very impressed with the results."

Brad Mackey
Paramedic, Field Supervisor
Mercy EMS Camden County

"What a great job Beth has done for our organization. She was very professional and knowledgeable as we work to resolve our issue. I highly recommending Beth."

Ken O'Kelley, Vice President
YMCA Camping Services

"We're proud to have raised the standard for pro-active infection control in the ambulances we up fit and remount. We are putting AP5s in our in-stock remounted ambulances as a value-added feature that will positively affect the work environment for Paramedics and EMTs. We encourage all of our customers to take advantage of this system for the health of their employees and their patients."

Dave Shuell, Remount Project Manager
Emergency Vehicles Plus

"We were absolutely blown away by the effects of ActivePure. Very impressive, especially in the shower tent. We noticed a great improvement in only 30 minutes!"

Western Shelter Systems
Navy SEALs/Special Ops Training Exercise

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